Candlelight Vigil for Tawu Shooting Victims

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 7:00pm

Chinese Consulate
Laguna and Geary
San Francisco

Urgyen Tashi from Dakchu camp suffered 8 bullet wounds

Dear all,

Please be the light for Tibet and join us this evening.

WHAT: Candlelight Vigil for Tawu Shooting Victims
WHO: Tibetans & Friends of Tibet
WHEN: 7:00 PM
WHERE: 1450 Laguna St. SF

Please join us to tell China to Stop Shooting Tibetans.

I have seen bullet wound to the head previously in person. The shootings, whatever the cause was completely unnecessary as is all violence to each other or oneself. Join us as united brothers and sisters to Stop the Killing in Tibet.

SFT has a petition TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition to Wang Fanglin, Secretary-General of Ganzi Prefecture and Wang Dongming, Party Secretary of Sichuan Province calling for an end to China's violence against Tibetans. Global scrutiny will help protect Tibetan lives. Please sign:

Please join the BA Friends of Tibet today and keep the light of humanity's truth, justice and liberation alive for Tibet in these dark times.