Semshae - Songs from the heart

Semshae CD

The mission of Semshae is to ensure that Tibet's language and culture of compassion is preserved through children's music for all ages.
Semshae - Songs from the heart
Semshae, which means “Songs from the Heart” in Tibetan, is a project to create a new audio recording of Tibetan children’s songs. Many individuals are aware of Tibetan Buddhism’s culture of compassion and nonviolence, but they may not be aware that the continued existence of Tibetan culture is seriously threatened. Through music, Semshae will be able to preserve and distribute a part of Tibet’s culture around the world. It will be beneficial for Tibetan children in Tibet and in exile, and for the Tibetan-speaking regions in the Himalayas such as Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh and Sikkim who share the same Buddhist language.

Semshae’s first-year project goals:

  • Create a high-quality professional song album available both in the United States and internationally. - DONE!
  • Release the first Semshae album in the spring of 2010. Release date is May 22.
  • Organize a CD release tour across the U.S. to facilitate distribution of the CD. - DONE!
  • Donate 500 albums to the nearly 20,000 students in the 106 kindergartens, 87 primary schools, and 44 middle schools in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.
  • Distribute 1,500 albums and 50 CD players to children inside Tibet through a partnership with educational organizations.
  • Host 4-day children’s workshops including musical concerts with the children in Tibetan communities in North America, India, and Nepal.

“It is my hope that through the efforts of Semshae and through the power of music I can help to support the next generation of Tibetans and the Tibetan culture.”
— Tashi Shazur, Artist, Founder, and Director of Semshae
Semshae - Songs from the heart
More about Semshae:

For the past four years, Tashi Shazur has conducted informal feasibility research and related efforts to launch Semshae. He has already created eight original songs for the Semshae album which are ready to record including a track for children’s story telling. Tashi plans to sing and perform all the songs recorded on this album with the assistance of Tibetan children singers in North America and Nepal. This album will feature authentic Tibetan musical instruments such as Damnyen (six-stringed plucked lute), Piwang (two-stringed bowed fiddle), and Lingbu (bamboo flute).

In the past ten years, the number of Tibetan recordings released outside of Tibet has significantly increased. Although created by talented artists, often recordings released by exiled Tibetans lack adequate funding and rarely possess the professional demeanor they deserve. For this reason, in order for Semshae to create a quality and timeless album, it is imperative that Tashi collaborate with individuals who understand the history, purpose, impact, and significance of this unique effort. Once appropriate funding has been secured, Tashi will begin his work with singers and musicians in the (San Francisco) Bay Area and Tibetan musicians in Nepal and India.

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Support Semshae to Preserve Tibetan Culture:

Bay Area Friends of Tibet (BAFOT) currently serves as Semshae’s fiscal sponsor. All contributions to Semshae made through BAFOT are tax-deductible to the extent provides by US law. Semshae collaborates with a separate group of advisors and ambassadors who support the organization’s strategy and mission. Tashi Shazur serves as the Director of Semshae on a volunteer basis and is supported by one low-cost consultant. Tashi operates Semshae from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Currently, Semshae receives 100% of its funding from individual donors, many of whom are serving as ambassadors for the Semshae organization. Semshae needs to raise $80,000 to ensure the program’s success and professionalism.

Semshae relies on the generosity of gifts from donors and time and expertise from volunteers from around the world. Please join us in protecting and restoring Tibetan culture through music.

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or you may contact:
Tashi Sharzur, Founder & Director
Phone: +1 (650) 312-9010
Semshae song samples are available on MySpace

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